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Solid Cut Stainless Steel Letters


Solid Cut Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless steel type 304 is a general purpose alloy, very durable and easy to maintain in exterior and interior applications. Available in a host of finishes, the most typical are satin, mirror polished, or non-directional. In environments high in salt air concentration, industrial pollutants, or acid rain, alloy type 316 is recommended to inhibit corrosion and pitting. Highly durable outdoor protective coatings are available and recommended.

Stainless steel is generally assumed to be unstainable. This is not necessarily true in certain exterior applications, where visible staining may occur as a result of rain, dirt, carbon leaching, diesel fumes, and other elements. Solid cut dimensional letters and logo’s are automatically passivated when placed in exterior applications. Discuss Steel Art’s optional treatments with your Project Manager.

Solid cut letter materials include brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, copper, hot rolled steel and corten.

  • Solid stainless steel dimensional letters are available as thin as .063″ to as thick as 1″ and up to 60″ high.

  • Maximum height for any material in a mirror polish finish 24″.

  • Material is cleaned through vapor degreasing and/or passivation to remove dust and/ or residue.

  • Unused material waste is recycled.

  • Wash water is de-ionized and re-circulated.

  • Lifetime guarantee covers all manufacturing defects.

  • Please reference the Mounting Options page for an overview of our product mounting systems.

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