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Solid Cut Copper Letters


Solid Cut Copper Letters

Copper 110 is one of the most beautiful material options available. Copper is distinguished because it is the purest of all red metals. Steel Art has mastered the art of working with copper and showcasing its natural beauty through all of the finish options we provide. Copper is resistant to corrosion, but will oxidize and acquire a patina over time. Many sign designers covet this patina look and we do it here, by hand. Verde green patina and shades of oxidization are available. Other popular finishes include mirror polish and satin. Protection from the elements is provided by protective coatings for both interior and exterior use. Clear coats are available at different gloss levels, all weatherometer tested and suitable for their applications. Ask your Project Manager which protective coating is best for your application.

Solid cut materials include brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, copper, hot rolled steel and corten.

  • Solid dimensional copper letters are available as thin as .063″ to as thick as 1″ and up to 48″ high

  • Maximum height for any material in a mirror polish finish 24″

  • Material is cleaned through vapor degreasing to remove any dust and/or residue.

  • Unused material waste is recycled.

  • Wash water is de-ionized and re-circulated

  • Please reference the Mounting Options page for an overview of our product mounting systems.

Select a Solid Cut Copper Letter to…‘‘look close’’.

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