Steel Art Company
Manufacturer of Architectural Signage
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Our Customers


Our Customers


Steel Art only manufactures for sign trade professionals.

Steel Art Company will never compete with our customers for business from end users. Steel Art Company expects and honors complete transparency both from our competitors as well as our customers. We hold our customers to the same high standard we hold ourselves. We sell strictly to the trade, no exceptions.

We actively vet new customers and often turn aside work from end users posing as sign professionals. Steel Art Company is well known for referring work to our customers whenever contacted by non-sign professionals. As a sign professional working with Steel Art Company, you will NEVER see:

  1. Any phony websites selling direct to prospective customers;

  2. Any Steel Art-owned companies selling direct;

  3. Any sales agents misinterpreting their sources and selling direct; or

  4. Any trade show presence, mailings, or other advertisements intended to appeal to anyone other than sign professionals.

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