Steel Art Company
Manufacturer of Architectural Signage

Steel Art - Architectural Signage

Steel Art is the premier manufacturer of architectural quality signage. Exclusively for the trade with exceptional quality since 1951.


Steel Art: The premier manufacturer of architectural quality signage

Manufacturing Exceptional Quality Since 1952

As the premier supplier to the architectural sign industry, Steel Art Company offers a diverse array of cutting-edge finished products exclusively to sign professionals. Our desire to provide customers with unsurpassed quality instills in us the commitment to continuously improve our manufacturing methods. For over six decades, Steel Art Company has been perfecting sign products, exceeding customer expectations, and leading innovation. We are comprised of craftsmen, designers, project managers, product developers, and industry leaders — all dedicated to serving you. From the simplest solid plate letter to the most complex mixed-media illuminated project, count on Steel Art Company to deliver the very best. Contact us to experience how Steel Art can make your sign company more profitable. We look forward to meeting our promise of exceeding your expectations.

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Steel Art Product Video

Our comprehensive video with information for a wide range of Steel Art architectural signage solutions. From popular items such as fabricated signage to patented, cutting edge illuminated signage such as Light Engine? & Image Wrap?, this overview covers many of our high quality manufacturing techniques and products.

order tracker steel art.jpg

Order Tracker

Track orders and pay invoices with Steel Art’s custom project management Web portal.

Image Wrap?

Custom formed panels featuring stock or custom images and graphics in virtually any style or color — including ADA Braille and rasters. Illumination options include a rear acrylic lens, push-thru graphics and backed-up acrylic graphics. Learn more.


ADA Compliant Wayfinding

Our Braille application is flawless, allowing our products to stand up against the test of time and wear. Braille rasters are available in stainless steel, brass, and acrylic (black, white, clear). Vandal resistant direct print braille available in any color. Steel Art can meet all the requirements for informational or directional signage, public access, or emergency and evacuation applications.

direct digital print.jpg

Direct Print

Direct Printing is the future of sign making. Ultra precise printing, ADA/ braille compliant signage are all achieved through this method. Print directly on any architectural metal. Custom color matching available. This technique is more cost effective than etching and provides ultra fine detail.

Steel Art Tough Template.jpg

Tough Template? by Steel Art

Our installer’s Tough Template? is created with a wrinkle- and tear-proof substrate which can be taped, tacked, drilled and transported easily. Also wind, water and tear proof means you can still install on those bad weather days.

steel art drill press employee.jpg

Centuries of Combined Experience

With expert project advice from a team of design professionals and skilled craftsmen with generations of experience, we are fully committed to serving your requirements. Each department at Steel Art – customer service, accounting, sales, and manufacturing – are ready to assist you.

Steel Art’s Latest

We are constantly manufacturing new and exciting dimensional sign products. To stay up to date, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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