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- ThinTrim?

Steel Art is known for their immaculate hand fabricated letters. Available with beautifully blended edges and LED illumination. Many options available at highly competitive prices. Available materials include:  stainless steel type 304 and 316, pre-finished aluminum, perforated stainless steel 304, titanium coated stainless steel 304, aluminum 3003, brass 280 60/40, bronze 220 90/10, copper 110 95/5, hot rolled steel A36 and Corten. Finishes available include: satin #4, mirror polish, pre-finished aluminum anodized, titanium finishes – including black,  NuGold?, NuBronze, NuCopper?, shades of oxidization, acrylic polyurethane paint, lacquer and numerous proprietary mechanical finishes.


High end alternative to trim capped face illuminated letters.

With brilliant details, including letter depth as shallow as 2”, this exciting new product line is now available exclusively from Steel Art. Our ThinTrim? and ThinTrim? Profile lines offer many custom features. ThinTrim? Profile features a recessed face. ThinTrim? can be front lit and back lit, with several custom lighting effects available. ThinTrim? face retainers can be made as thin as 1/8”.

ThinTrim? is available in all architectural metals and finishes. The acrylic face is available in all standard colors and can utilize perforated black/white vinyl for special LED effects. Discover what our ThinTrim? products have to offer!

UL Listed.png

Sizing Requirements for LED Illuminated fabrication

  • Minimum Letter Height: 4″, Minimum Letter Depth: 2″

  • Maximum Letter Height: 48’’, Maximum Letter Depth: 6’’

Other Features

  • UL Listed: In compliance with UL 48 Standards

  • All major Led brands, K-values and colors in stock. Please ask your project manager for more details

  • Fabricated letters are degreased to further remove any dust and/or residue.

  • Unused material waste is recycled and wash water is de-ionized and re-circulated.

  •  Lifetime guarantee covers all manufacturing defects ONLY

  • Please reference the Mounting Options page for an overview of our product mounting systems.

Select a ThinTrim? letter to…’’look close’’. 

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