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- Image Wrap?

The cutting edge of illuminated signage! Proudly presenting our newest product, Edgelit?. These eye-catching, illuminated letters are perfect for dramatic retail or corporate signage. Originally developed for high-end retail signage, these look amazing in just about any setting, both interior and exterior. There is something for everyone, with 15 design variations to choose from. All architectural metals and finishes are available. Illumination is offered in white and dozens of translucent PMS colors. Rounded and Prismatic faces can also be added.

Image Wrap?

*Patented 3D printed signage

This product consists of formed panels featuring stock or custom images and graphics in virtually any style or color — including ADA Braille and rasters. Illumination options include a rear acrylic lens, push-thru graphics and backed-up acrylic graphics

UL Listed.png
  • Available as illuminated designs or non illuminated

  • Several translucent vinyl colors to choose from

  • Vandal-resistant ADA compliant direct printing available

  • UL Listed: In compliance with UL 48 Standards

  • All major Led brands, K-values and colors in stock. Please ask your project manager for more details

  • Please reference the Mounting Options page for an overview of our product mounting systems.

Select an Image Wrap? sign to…’’look close’’.

*This product bares a United States Patent to assure manufacturing quality and integrity of design

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