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- Braille Signage

Braille Signage

ADA signage does not have to be plain and ordinary.

While still conforming to ADA regulations, we utilize all of the available architectural metals and finishes giving the designer freedom to create a new signage program or to incorporate ADA signage into an existing environment. Often accompanied by appliqué or etching, our Braille application is flawless and stands the test of time and wear. We also offer direct print ADA approved braille and raised tactile copy. Braille rasters are available in stainless steel, brass, and acrylic (black, white, clear). Steel Art can meet all the requirements for informational or directional signage, public access, or emergency and evacuation applications. Appliqué is offered in several standard colors as well as custom color orders.

Select Braille Signage to…‘‘look close’’. 

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